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Guitarpeggios are short arpeggio exercises that help the classical or fingerstyle guitarist develop proficiency with the fingers of the right hand. Right-hand fingering uses the "pima" naming convention, where p=thumb, i=index, m=middle and a=ring finger.

Random Arpeggios

Random Guitarpeggios

Do you get bored playing scales and arpeggios every day from a preset list? Random guitarpeggios make playing more interesting because you're never sure what you're going to get next. Choose one arpeggio at random and work on it during your practice session for proficiency or choose several and random as a warmup for your right-hand fingers at the start of your practice session. Click the question mark to choose a random Guitarpeggio.

Arpeggio Chooser

Guitarpeggio Chooser

Would you rather have control over your choice of arpeggios during your practice session? This chooser starts with the first arpeggio in the list. You can navigate through the arpeggios using buttons or you can enter a number for the arpeggio you want to play. If you enter a number larger than the range of available arpeggios, the chooser will default to the last arpeggio on the list. Click the exlamation point to start choosing arpeggios.

Guitarist's Notebook

Guitarist's Tablature Book

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