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Random Arpeggios


Guitarpeggios are arpeggio exercises for the right hand that help the classical or fingerstyle guitarist develop proficiency with the right hand. View arpeggios randomly or choose the arpeggios you use in your practice session.

Tints and Shades

This art lesson continues from the knowledge of primary and secondary colors, teaching artists how tints and shades can be used to extend the artist's color palette.

Tints and Shades

Primary and Secondary Colors

This art lesson starts with the very basics of color, teaching artists how primary and secondary colors work.

Primary and Secondary Colors

Musical Flash Cards

Flash Cards

Refresh your note reading skills and play a fun game, using virtual flash cards to test your note reading skills. Flash card sets include Treble Staff Flash Cards for the beginning and intermediate guitar student learning open position notes, Bass Staff Flash Cards for the beginning and intermediate bass student, Grand Staff Flash Cards to help piano students learn all the notes on the grand staff and Middle C Position Flash Cards for the beginning piano student learning notes in the middle C position.

1st String - E Note

Beginner Guitar

The beginner guitar page provides a handy reference to help you learn the basics of reading open position notes and playing the guitar in open position. As a beginning guitarist, you should set a practice schedule of at least fifteen minutes every day. This will help you learn to recognize and play the notes with greater speed and proficiency. It is also crucial for you as a beginning player so you will not forget the notes you have already learned as you work to progress as a player. A common mistake beginner players make is to assume that understanding how to read and play the notes is the same as knowing them. Only time and regular practice will enable you to really know the notes in the long-term.

Guitarist's Notebook

Guitarist's Tablature Book

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